North East insurgency needs special strategy

Insurgency in North East should never be equated with that in Jammu and Kashmir. While dealing with insurgency in the North East states, the Government of India should adopt different strategies for different states depending on the ground situation instead of clubbing the same together, observed former GOC of the 4 Corps of the Army, Lt Gen DB Shekhatkar.

As per Assam Tribune report, China helped insurgent groups of north east India and China never admitted it unlike Pakistan which openly supports insurgents in Jammu and Kashmir. More ever, insurgents in north east India are majorly home grown.

“Drawing a difference between the situation in NE and J&K, Lt Gen Shekhatkar said that the insurgents from J&K are receiving direct patronage from Pakistan and the leaders of the groups are receiving shelter in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) and they are operating from those bases. The terrorists are also receiving weapons and other kinds of support from the administration of Pakistan. Only much later, Pakistan started providing indirect help to the insurgent groups of NE, who came in touch with the Pakistani agents mostly through Bangladesh. Though the insurgent groups of NE also have their bases in Myanmar, they are not receiving direct help from the Government of that country and they managed to stay in Myanmar because of incapability of the Government.”
Source : Assam Tribune.

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