Naga Chilli Eating Competition during Hornbill Festival

Neiphiu Rio, Chief Minister of Nagaland, has informed audience at a function in Kohima, capital of Nagaland state that raw Naga King chilly eating competition will be held during the annual Hornbill Festival here in December 2010.

Naga King Chilly, also known popularly as Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chilly, is regarded as the hottest chilly in the world. Chief Minister informed that, the competition is aimed at promoting the worlds hottest chilly.

Naga King has been scientifically proved by different laboratories as the hottest chilly after the Mexican chilly. Inaugurating the new directorate building of the horticulture department here, the chief minister asked the department to identify food products that could be tagged with the Nagas.

He also emphasized the need to concentrate on a few crops in which the State has the advantage over others instead of undertaking too many crops for cultivation

Nagas are fond of this Chilly is widely consumed with hot rice plate and some salt. Almost all ethnic people from North East India love Naga Chilly with roasted pork.

News Source : Sentinel Assam

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