Manipur Blockade : Few observation

For the first time in independent India, a blockade as well as a crisis in North East India ( Manipur) were highlighted in Indian national media and ‘uncomfortable’ questions like ‘would such blockade would have been allowed to go on for 65 days’, ‘are people of North East India are second class citizen’ etc. were asked in national TV talks shows!

There has also been attempt by many people in North East ( specially many Meitei netizens) who tried to create a trending in social media to make people outside North East India aware of this blockade which has caused immense sufferings to common people in Imphal, capital city of Manipur.

Most probably, this ‘Manipur Blockade’ has brought North East India to the national media which was otherwise always ignored by them. North Eastern states in India had always been a disturbed area since India’s independence and normally it was always in news for insurgency related incidents. But this Manipur Blockade has not only made people aware of Manipur humanitarian crisis where hospitals were running out of medicines, petrol depots were running out of petrol, LPGs were costing four times than rest of India, but also made people notice the genesis of these never ending problems.

According to Kaushik Deka of India Today, in his blog post Criminally Funny, this blockade is criminally funny and asks aptly where Arundhati Roy were ?

According to ASHOK MALIK, in his blog post Beyond the Blockade: The Key to Manipur provides an interesting reading about North Eastern states vis-a-vis national media as well as political perspective in India, it amounts to utter negligence of North East India by political class of New Delhi.

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