Kati Bihu : Assamese peasants bihu

Kati Bihu is also known as Kangali Bihu ( Poor Bihu) as there is no fan and fair involved while observing it, it is a poor cousin of Rongali or Bhogali Bihu. Also, Kati bihu is completely a non-urban bihu observed by people who live in villages in Assam.

It is observed on the last day of Assamese “Ahin mah” ( normally mid October) or Hindi Ashwini Month. This is the time when paddy crops starts to grow. This year, the Kati Bihu is on 18th October.

During this period rainy season comes to an end in Assam. People clean up “Tulsi” plant in their courtyard and light oil lamps at the root and pray for good yield of the crops.

After lighting oil lap at home, more oil lamps are lighted in the paddy field too. This has a scientific reasons too. Many insects which can harm crops get attracted to the light and get killed.

We wish all Assamese people Happy Kati Bihu!

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