Jayanta Talukdar in Indian Gold Winning Team in Archery World Cup

Jayanta Talukdar, Arjuna Awardee archer from Assam made India proud by winning gold medal at the Archery World Cup Stage IV after beating Japan in the summit clash in Shanghai on Saturday. Indian recurve team consisted of Jayanta Talukdar, Tarundeep Rai and Rahul Banerjee.

The Indian trio beat the Japanese team of Ryota Amano, Takaharu Furukawa, Hidekl Kikuchi 224-220 to finish on top. India led Japan 57-54 at the end of the first end and built on it to make it 113-108 in the second end.

Japan was better in the third end (56-55) and both teams finished in a tie of 56-56 for their last arrows. However, India rode on the fine show in the first ends to clinch the gold medal.

The men’s team had returned empty-handed from the World Cup Stage III at Ogden after losing the quarterfinal to the hosts USA.

This time India’s first round victim was Great Britain, one of the strong contenders at the Commonwealth Games, and the team notched a 218-215 victory.

Incidentally, India beat USA 225-208 in the quarterfinal to avenge their loss in the last edition.

Japan came into the final after shocking world champion Korea 224-216.

Source : Times Of India

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