Guwahati in top 10 cities in terms of IT collection growth in India

Guwahati is among top 10 growing cities in terms of personal income tax collection as per data made available by Income Tax department of India, as per Times Of India report. Incidentally, except Bangalore, none of the metros have made it to the top ten list.

Patna tops the list with 95% growth from year 2009 to year 2010, followed by Lucknow, Meerut which occupies the first three in the list. Guwahati is at seventh position with 23% growth of personal income tax collection in the same period.

Most probably, people of Guwahati are growing richer in recent times. Or does it point to economic growth in Guwahati or Assam ?

In recent times, Guwahati has grown for sure. In 1992, the GS Road ( Guwahati Shillong Road) was almost empty till Ganesh Guri apart from one red building of Floor Mill and the few vehicles plying on RG Barua road ( Radha Gobinda Barua Road) was visible! Most probably, not many people would believe that!

It is also heard that, if there were any function in Sonai Ghuli hills, the noise could be heard from Ganeshguri! Not anymore!

The whole GS Road has changed with many modern building with hoardings displaying top brands. Vintage Padmini Premiere in 1990s have vacated space for Hyundai Santros, Maruti Alto as well as other modern and big cars!

Most probably, the ‘India Shining’ has reached Guwahati too, at least to some individuals!

News Source : Times Of India.

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