Gegong Apang arrest debate continues

Recently, police remand of Gegong Apang was extended by seven more days. But the debate about his arrest and on PDS scam seems growing in Arunachal Pradesh for and against him.
The Capital Complex Yachuli Area Welfare Association (CCYAWA) has hailed the arrest of Gegong Apang while Jaal Welfare Society (JWS) has condemned the arrest.

JWS has expressed deep shock at the manner former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh for 20 years. The society has said that, Gegong Apang could be called the father of politics of Arunachal Pradesh and termed the arrest as politically motivated. It has also asked Arunachal Pradesh government to come out with some statement on PDS scam.

The Society also demanded the state Govt that SP SIC M S Chauhan be terminated and PDS case handed over to CBI for punishment to all accused. The society further said that the case should be heard in session court in Arunachal Pradesh instead of Lakhimpur in Assam.

It may be mentioned that, Gegong Apang belongs to majority Tani (Adi) community in Arunachal Pradesh while the present chief minister belongs to minority Monpa tribes who are Buddhists.

News Source : Arunachal Times, Sentinel Assam

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