Diyun attack by Chakmas jolt up Government

The State Government taken serious exception to the Diyun incident on Monday in which Chakma refugees reportedly attacked locals returning from a hearing on summary revision of electoral rolls injuring at least 30. Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu today called a hurried high level meeting at his offices and directed Home Minister Tako Dabi to rush to Diyun to take stock of the situation. Dabi is expected to fly down to Diyum early tomorrow.

Issuing instructions to deploy additional forces to maintain peace and tranquility in the area, Khandu has decided to write a letter to the Election Commission of India on the issue of revision of electoral rolls in Chakma inhabited areas. CMO sources said that Khandu is worried about the latest development as he had been personally keeping a on the refugee imbroglio haunting the state for decades. Earlier, besides taking up the issue with the Centre, he had raised the issue at the 55th National Development Council meeting held at New Delhi on July 24 last under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

A Committee headed by Setong Sena, then speaker of the Legislative Assembly, was constituted in 2007 to study the issue and submit recommendations for a solution. The state government also constituted a nine-member high level committee under the chairmanship of a representative of Union Home Ministry in June last to identify and demarcate the Chakma and Hajong settlement areas in the state. Other members in the Committee are state’s Principal Conservator of Forest, Home Commissioner, IGP, Political Secretary, deputy commissioners of Lohit, Changlang and Papum Pare districts with Deputy Secretary K Riram as officer on special duty to the Committee.
When the chief minister informed the steps initiated by the government today, a Meanwhile, a delegation of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) led by its president Takam Tatung called on the Chief Minister on the Monday incident at Diyun. Later, expressing satisfaction over the steps initiated by the state government, the Union resolved to defer its proposed 12-hour statewide bandh on August 15 for the moment.
Khandu asked the apex students’ body to call off their proposed bandh on Independence Day and assured all out support from government’s end to bring out a permanent solution to the decade long crisis. To this, AAPSU proposed revival of the Core Committee on Chakma issue and asked Khandu to be its Chairman. The Core Committee was formed in 2002 in Namsai after a referendum rally there. The then Chief Minister Mukut Mithi was made its first chairman.
AAPSU leaders asked how Chakmas could be enrolled in the electoral roll when the Union had filed a PIL against it last year and the matter is still subjudice. Khandu replied that the government will be writing a letter to the Election Commission to apprise them on the latest development.

19 thoughts on “Diyun attack by Chakmas jolt up Government

  • August 13, 2010 at 5:25 am

    AAPSU activists are to be blamed for the whole episode of the recent Diyun incident. What was the AAPSU Activists doing at Diyun? It was non of their business to either influence or interfere in the independent electoral process of the election commission.

  • August 13, 2010 at 9:26 am

    Instead of preaching the chakmas the honourable Home Minister should take preventive step from being talibanization of AAPSU.

  • August 17, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Any kind of violence should not be supported and should be dealt with according to the law of Indian constitution. If Chakmas are to be blamed then – yes blame and punish those responsible. But at the same time no one should try to influence or endanger the politics free electoral process and electoral comission. If someone or some group is trying to do so then that is against the law and that undermines the root of the constitution. That must not be tolerated. India fought a very long struggle to get freedom and a lot more to create such a wonderful and robust constitution. Let’s not forget those basic facts. Any kind of complain should always be followed through proper channel. India is not wild west.

  • September 23, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    On that day Election hearing was going very smoothly on the meantimes some APSU candidates came on hearing venue.Someone asked from them why did you come,they did respone and also asked on the last time you came and burnt down about twenty houses of chakmas in front of Diyun police and IRBN.They just lookek on in that situations. They also helped to APSU to burn the HOUSES .Actualy they came to disturb to the they had given respone to them.While APSU candidates from Diyun they attacked to some chakma and beat them in critical condition.Diyun police and IRBN were present along them they were beating to chakma .IS this duties of police.IRBN?I think that there is very-very wrong.Police and IRBN r blind and out of the Indian Govt.rule they r not folling the laws and Order violating all the Govt rules.AP govt should well treat with Chakmas They are Indian Citizen as Indian govt declared to them now they Indian citizen according to Indian constitutions.When India considers they r indian citizen Why AP govt does consider them not citizen?Since Chakmas have been living for last fourty two years.According to Indian Constitution ,those who r living last four years they r IndianNow Why chakma are not considered indian? I people are violating the Indian laws and Constitutions.

  • October 5, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    The State Government taken serious exception to the Diyun incident on Monday in which Chakma refugees reportedly attacked

    (**locals returning from a hearing on summary revision of electoral rolls injuring at least 30**).
    Whoever have writen this nonsense is a great bastard, Liar.
    First of all we (the chakmas )are the locals of Diyun. No one was injured.
    Secondly no one has called the Aapsu for any such hearing. They themselve are to be blaimed for the unrest as the last time they came like this and on way back they burned the houses of peace loving CHAKMAS.

    Whoever is writing all this is just nonsence.

  • October 13, 2010 at 7:14 am

    If indian govt. gave those chakmas Indian citizenship den it is ok… But I will be against some chakmas who thinks they are the tribal of Arunachal… Maybe they got the indian citizenship but they didnt got the Arunachal ST… If we will leave the situation like this then the chakmas will ask for the arunachal ST in future….

    • January 1, 2011 at 6:43 pm

      Friend! Is this the teaching of Jesus to killing or giving pain to other. chakma are citizen by birth. why do you want to create problem? Are you Human or devil? If you are a human, you should learn human language. Human is a social being. Arunachal pradesh is one of the backward state among the state in India. Don’t you want to progress the own state. If it is develop or progress, you don’t need to think about your job for your children.
      You can make it a better place. cooperate with them and resolve the fighting. Chakmas are not getting pain only but your people are also suffering because of your fault or wrong views. If you are a student or employer, study hard so that you can do better than today, if you are employer, work hard with responsible so that you can make better Arunachal pradesh than today. Fool doesn’t suffer only alone but he also make suffer to others also. If you are fool, Idiot or stupid, you will make suffer to other whereas if you are an intelligent, you are not only safe but you are saving to others life also. If not, get ready for hell, Hot hell.If you go one time to Hell , You generation will not wait for you in the world. Got it.

  • October 16, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    granting scheduled tribe status to chakmas is quite legitimate and should be granted as early as possible as they have been confered indian citizenship.

  • October 17, 2010 at 11:35 am

    what is this hell with the Refugee story again……………

    According to the law of Indian constitution, if one is continously staying at India for five years, one can have the right to have citizenship. nothing to talk to who are born in the Land itself.
    Chakmas have been in this country since decades and still they are called as Refugee……
    Being born in this country, we must equally enjoy the rights of the country. anyone who go against is should be punished accordingly.

  • November 2, 2010 at 10:42 am

    How can a person not be an Indian who was born and brought up in Aurunachal, India? I don’t see any logic behind those who are making it a big issue.

    The Supreme Court of India has already made it clear to them in Aurnachal that Chakmas in Aurunachal are Indian. And also, they have been asked to enroll them in voter list by the Election Commission of India.

    Instead of fighting, I think it is time for you to reconcile and build a better Aurunachal and better India.

    Long Live India
    Greatest Democracy on Earth

  • November 11, 2010 at 3:18 am

    I have been a part of Diyun and Miao circles for 7 great yearsI can’t forget my days in diyun,diyun-manabhum scenery.And I colud’t find a home like Diyun and Miao alongwith the picturesque Manabhum.I have never seen such beutiful place on this earth,although I have been to many places around the world.
    Let us not make this place hell,as is seen form the retaliations from natives and chakmas.If chakmas want to be a part of india,forget AP,even in any part of india,they should learn how to learn peaceful life like hazongs,who are peace loving community.


    One of the lovers of this place

  • December 24, 2010 at 4:08 am

    In the nineties the Diyun-Manabhoom-Miao belt was heaven for peace lovers.Unfortunatly the extremism spread its wings from the neibhouring borders to hide themselves by the dreaded traps of Indian forces making the area hell.I still remember the Dangaria baba temple on Diyun Tinali-Manabhum road where we used to offer prayers and poojas on auspicious day of Shivaratri and used to walk all the way this distance.Now the condition has worsened.What was he fault of those innocent childern who used to go to the nearby schools in Diyun,Innao,Sompoi all the way from remote villages fearlessly and are bound to lift the AK-47’s.Is it to combat terrorism or to fight Indian Army.If the former is true then we are on the right path to restore the heavenly beauty of this place.Otherwise we are making this area hell out,for no organisation can fight against the nation’s army.For the time being forget Chakma’s,Hazong’s.Let us unite together to fight against the evil acts of the socities.

    Let us make Arunachal Pradesh a heaven.It has lot more than Kashmir,Oooty,Shimla.No other place,even in Europe ,could be better than Arunachal.
    Considering the huge potential of resources in Arunachal Pradesh,the Indian Govt.has discovered the potential of 50,000 MW of Hydro electric power generation alone in the next ten years(Since Independance India has produced only 250,000MW).Arunachal Pradesh is going to be the power hub for the rest of India.See the direct/indirect employment generation.Arunachal has population of merely 1.2 million.Considering 5 people per MW total direct/indirect employment of 250,000 people is possible.Don’t rely on China,Bangladesh,Pakistan.They can’t benefit us in any prospect.They want to show their supermacy.They can never be our friends by spreading cross-border terrorism.Let live and let us live.

    Pakistanis even call those Muslims who fled from India to Pakistan as Kafirs and their life is still miserable there.

    Friends Please Wake up the time has not gone beyond.

    Jai Hind

  • January 13, 2011 at 4:02 am

    Any Comment!!!!Bloody all have become dumb and deaf at the reality!!!! Let us have a revolution in making Arunachal Pradesh a heaven of paradise…………….a tourist spot.

    Prosper and let prosper

  • March 8, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    the ignorant tribals young people in aruncahal, you only see the danger of chakmas in future. how do you think they will harm. they are neither rich nor educated, how can you believe the chakmas will harm tribal people.only some selfish and narrow minded politicians made you blind,you cannot think beyound that.what a poor tribals, why don’t you think of those bengali, biharis and muslims! they are more advance, they are also cunning ,rich and policaticaly concious and they have big majority . you will easily under the trap of them. the disunity among the tribals is their strength. now the tripura fall under the control of bengali. and next to tripura is assam, 50% of assam is under benagali and bihari. pooor tribals you try to have a tour all over india and even other countries too.and learn lesson. still you have to learn many things. you are living in mountainous region in arunachal. you don’t know what is there beyond the wall of mountain.

  • May 12, 2011 at 9:14 am

    This is the reality!
    This is the Indian Law!!
    This is the verdict of The Supreme Court of India!!!
    All Indians must not violate Indian Law!!!
    Peace and harmony is a must!!!!

    Read here now in below:
    In 1964, approximately 35,000 Chakmas and Hajongs from the erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) migrated to India. They were issued valid migration certificates and settled in the then North East Frontier Agency, the present Arunachal Pradesh. The present population of the Chakmas and Hajongs is estimated to be around 65,000 persons.

    All other migrants who came before 25 March 1971 were given citizenship under the Indira-Mujib Agreement of 1972. However, instead of granting citizenship to these Chakmas and Hajongs, the State Government perpetrated a series of atrocities on the Chakmas and Hajongs.

    This compelled the National Human Rights Commission of India to approach the Supreme Court of India in October 1995. The Supreme Court of India found that there was prima-facie evidence of atrocities perpetrated by the State Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

    In a judgement on 9 January 1996, the Supreme Court gave the following directions:
    “(1) the first respondent, the State of Arunachal Pradesh, shall ensure that the life and personal liberty of each and every Chakma residing within the State shall be protected and any attempt to forcibly evict or drive them out of the State by organized groups, such as the AAPSU, shall be repelled, if necessary by requisitioning the service of para-military or police force, and if additional forces are considered necessary to carry out this direction, the first respondent will request the second respondent, the Union of India, to provide such additional
    force, and the second respondent shall provide such additional force as is necessary to protect the lives and liberty of the Chakmas;

    (2) except in accordance with law, the Chakmas shall not be evicted from their homes and shall not be denied domestic life and comfort therein;

    (3) the quit notices and ultimatums issued by the AAPSU and any other group which tantamount to threats to the life and liberty of each and every Chakma should be dealt with by the first respondent in accordance with law;

    (4) the application made for registration as citizen of India by the Chakma or Chakmas under Section 5 of the Act, shall be entered in the register maintained for the purpose and shall be forwarded by the Collector or the DC who receives them under the relevant rule, with or without enquiry, as the case may be, to the Central Government for its consideration in accordance with law; even returned applications shall be called back or fresh ones shall be obtained from the concerned persons and shall be processed and forwarded to the Central

    (5) while the application of any individual Chakma is pending consideration, the first respondent shall not evict or remove the concerned person from his occupation on the ground that he is not a citizen of India until the competent authority has taken a decision in that behalf;”

    The final petition of the State Government of Arunachal Pradesh for modification of the Supreme Court order was dismissed on 5 August 1996.

  • November 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    In fact, nothing happened what the journal published…. rather it should first clarify before publishing any article on newspapers…the ignorant Chakmas are always targeting nothing for blame……….

  • June 23, 2012 at 10:12 am

    Dear Friends
    Nama Buddhaya
    My self Bishnu from arunachal pradesh at prasent I am at nagpur.As a buddhist I am very interested to help our society . Here at nagpur I am studing Buddhism and social action.Here is buddhist institute known by Nagaloka. You can visit , since two year I am here and doing graduation from nagpur univercity.I would like to know website of chakma student of arunachal pradesh.I would like to know more detail.
    With metta
    Bishnu chakma

  • April 28, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Since i came to know about the government of Arunachal pradesh. I feel very disgust .about the government .since govt is unable to develope the own state.why ? It.s all are because of corrupted governing of the people. Usually the trible people of the A.P are mostly illiterate and they are not being abled to develop themself. And when they lookafter their next generation and developing the state is very far.and impossible for them. So pls learn to live like human . And try to develop first yourself then authamatically develope everything.


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