China has links with NE Rebels : NSCN (K) Leader

As per recent Hindustan Times report, senior Naga leader of NSCN(K) faction, Mulatonu has admitted that China has links with NE rebels and Chinese come to meet them legally come to India, via Delhi and then come to North East India and meet them. According to him, the latest meeting took place in 2009.

It was always suspected that, Chinese have links with NE rebels, but there was never any concrete evidence or admission by any senior rebel leaders. Indian Intelligence has knowledge about these meetings and they think these meetings are probably for small arms deals!

Mulatonu said from a rebel camp near Dimapur in Nagaland: “Yes, they (the Chinese) openly and legally come to India via Delhi and meet us.”

The Khaplang faction, led by S.S. Khaplang, a Myanmar-based Hemi Naga, lords over most of the 30 north-east rebel camps in Sagaing division.

“The government of India gets to know of such meetings well before they are held. The last of such meetings was in 2009,” Mulatonu said. He, however, declined to divulge what usually gets discussed at these meetings.

Security agencies, however, are certain why the Chinese often get in touch with NSCN-K leaders, its rival Isaak-Muivah faction and other northeast rebel groups camped in Sagaing Division.

“In all probability, the Chinese people visit the rebel camps to strike deals for small arms,” a Nagaland-based intelligence officer said on condition of anonymity. source : Hindustan Times

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