Burning Problems in North East Today creation of India : Naga Writer

Writer and activist from Nagaland in North East India, Kaka D.Iralu has opined that all burning problems in North East today are all creation of India, while speaking in a seminar organised by Just Peace Foundation in connection with Irom Sharmila’s ten years completion of fast-unto-death agitation strongly voiced against the black laws.

Kaka D.Iralu went to the extent saying, “India has no right to say who we are”. Houses of the Nagas have been burnt down, Naga women raped and large number of the Nagas had been tortured and killed by the Indian security forces under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA),1958.” Kaka D.Iralu continues, “We took up arms as we could no longer tolerate all these atrocities meted out to us by the security forces.”

he seminar themed, “Towards a life with dignity,” is part of the Festival of Hope, Peace and Justice observed on the completion of Irom Sharmila fasting for the last ten years demanding the repeal of AFSPA,1958 .

Former police chief of Tripura and now activist Dr K.S Subramaniam advocated that “our fight should not be only against AFSPA but we should also fight against the very deployment of the Army in the North East region.” According to Dr Subramaniam, Army is to fight the foreigners outside the country.

Another prominent Nagaland human rights activist Neingulo Krome describes Irom Sharmila’s case as a move for the cause of humanity.

Krome called upon the people to have a joint concerted movement against rights violation.

The Nagaland activist presented a lengthy paper in the seminar detailing the suffering experienced by the Nagas under the AFSPA, 1958 .

Source : E-PAO.NET

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