Bangladesh will provide Transit Facility to NE

Recent reports says that, Bangladesh will provide transit facility to landlocked NE so that ‘people and goods’ can move unfettered in Bangladesh to its ports and to connect to Kolkota. Presently, NE ( North East) is connected to India through a 26KM patch ‘chicken neck’. It has been a long standing demand by New Delhi to Dhaka.

“When we are thinking about transforming Bangladesh as a regional hub and when the entire region will be brought under the connectivity, India will have access to its northeastern states,” Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Dipu Moni said, adding “unfettered movement of people and goods will be taking place.”

Relations between the South Asian neighbours were chilly between 2001-2006 when the Islamist-allied BNP was in power in Bangladesh and New Delhi regularly accused Dhaka of harbouring anti-India insurgents and fostering militancy.

The bilateral ties, however, have been on the upswing since Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to power after the landmark general election in 2008.

It may be mentioned that, recently, India has offered one billion USD loan to Bangladesh for developing its communication infrastructure. It may also me mentioned that, many top ULFA leaders were arrested and handed over to India, even without any extradition treaty with Bangladesh.

Most probably, this transit facility when implemented would provide much needed access to sea port for good produced in North East India.

News Source : Assam Tribune

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