Assam pays tribute to 2008 blast victims by organizing cultural function

The headline is he status message of an Assamese youth in facebook, a popular social networking site, which has received many thoughtful comments!

Recently, small satellite channel News Live TV, based in Guwahati, which was made famous by Akhil Gogoi when he accused this channel being funded by ‘corporate fraud’, organised a ‘Great Guwahati Marathan’ as well as a cultural function to mark second anniversary of 30 October 2008 when serial bomb blast rocked Assam causing death of more than 77 people and injuring hundreds.

Active Netizens from Assam has been commenting and ridiculing the ‘extravaganza’ of cultural function and repeated bragging by the editor of the news channel a grand success and boasting about channels TRP! Many opine that, it is lowest where competition for TRP has not spared the bomb blast victims!

Facebook Status Message

“One of the artists in the cultural show of a tv channel appealed to the people: “All the audience, you have to dance with me.” The shows continued live till late night, and they had all the ingredients of an entertainment event with lots of sponsorships, and the quest for TRPs being so visibile.” Writes one such Assamese Netizen on facebook Status Message Update.

It is interesting to see some people from Assam organising cultural function memory of Bomb Blast victims with Bollywood stars and to ‘oppose terrorism’ and some people from the same state ridiculing it!

Source : facebook status message

One thought on “Assam pays tribute to 2008 blast victims by organizing cultural function

  • October 31, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Mumabi 26/11-culprits convicted within 17 months but 30/10 Assam blasts no one is prosecuted yet. Is it becoz the accused are not Muslims?? Is it because they do not fit our fancy “Muslims are Terrorist” stereotype? What happened to that media hype of Muslim Terrorists attacks supported by B’Desh or even a SMS to a local TV Channel to link the 30/10 blasts to Muslims for at least 72 hrs after the blasts? Specially repeated showing of Breaking News with Video Clippings from Afghanistan / Taliban (or God knows from where)…then repeated showing of a Muslim persons’ name whose Bike’s Numbers were used by the perpetrators….

    What happened to all those calls for ‘stringent’, ‘exemplary punishment’ for the perpetrators…suddenly after the real accused were arrested, the names started coming out…all the out cries suddenly started to become lower.

    I think it has to a “Ajmal or Kasav” to get a hanging order others are welcome by garlands even though they bomb blasts trains or kills innocent people.

    Perhaps we have to seriously discuss this issue at least after 2 yrs have passed since those innocent people lost their lives … some people must answer.


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