Arunachal Pradesh in China : IPhone 4

Arunachal Pradesh in China as per IPhone 4
Apple IPhone 4, the iconic Mobile Phone by Apple Inc. of United State of America ( USA) shows Arunachal Pradesh of India in China. Apple has accepted Chinese advise to put Arunachal Pradesh in China looking at the huge Chinese market.

There has no official reaction from Indian Government. It may be mentioned that, China has been claiming Arunachal Pradesh and call it Zangnan. India and China fought a border war in 1962 over border dispute.

“The map that comes along with the new iPhone is censored to comply with the official stance of the Chinese government on border divisions,” according to one of the several local web sites and blogs including iPhones sold in China shows Arunachal belongs to China, they said.

New users of iPhones in China also find the equipment is VPN-proof. Virtual private networks used by thousands in China to overcome the problem of censorship is not working in the case of the new phones when users try to access sites providing independent mapping services, reports say.

One blogger advised his readers to replace iPhone’s map icon with or simply use Google Earth in order to view reliable maps.

Source : Times Of India

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