AASU warns against NRC form change!

AASU has spoken against changing NRC form along with demanding resumption of NRC update at earliest date possible. But if the recent AMSU incident at Barpeta as well as the immediate fall out of the incidence is any indication, then it looks that resumption of NRC update might take some time now.

Criticizing both the AAMSU and the State government for the Barpeta incident and its aftermath, Bhattacharya said that suspending the work due to an ‘undemocratic protest’ by the minority students’ body the government is encouraging the AAMSU to communalize the whole issue. “The incident took place at Barpeta, but the pilot project was also stopped in Chhayagaon, which also shows that the government is acting as the benefactor of the illegal Bangladshis,” he mentioned.

“It was the responsibility of the State government to explain about the NRC and its minuets to the common people in a simple manner, rather than suggesting a change in the form itself,” he added.

The students’ body also asked the Opposition not to start the vote bank politics by speaking in favour of the illegal Bangladeshis. “We would not allow the State government or any other political party or organization to communalize the issue of NRC update in Assam,” said the AASU president Shankar Prasad Roy.

News Source :Assam Tribune

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